Factors affecting enrollment of learners in primary schools: a case study of Kanja Zone, Embu District Kenya

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Kampala International University.College of Education
The major pwpose of the study was to investigate the factors affecting enrolment of learners in primary schools Kanja zone Embu district, Kenya. The research objectives were; to investigate the relationship between poverty, child labour, gander imbalance, and parent's level of education, position of a child in a family, cultural and religious beliefs, distance from home to school and educational policies and enrolment of pupils in prima,y schools in Kanja zone Embu district .. The study revealed that many parents are not enrolling their children in primary school due to poverty. Even though there is fi·ee prima1y education, there are other requirements that parents must provide their children to go to school. The study revealed that many children do not go to school because they have to provide labour at home. The study revealed that gender imbalance is one of the most factors affecting enrolment of pupils especially the girls. In some societies, is believed that girls are not entitled to education instead they have to get married or do the work at home. It was established that children of illiterate parents are likely not to attain education. Educated parents like very much to educate their children because they know the advantage of it. The study established that first born in the family are more likely to attain education than their young siblings. In this case the more the members in the family, the more the spending and increase in demands. The study revealed that in many African societies, cultural and religious beliefs affect the education of learners especially the girls. Such cultural beliefs may include female circumcisions, early marriage among others The study revealed that some parents do not take their children to school because of the distance between home and school. There are some children who can not work such long distances and their parents are poor to afford transport and can not let their children walk especially the girls. The study revealed that there are some educational policies that affect the enrolment of pupils. Such policies may include incrementation in the fees, increase in the school requirements among others. Poor parents who can not afford to pay fees for their children should take them to free primary education since is not expensive as these private schools. There are some parents who are poor and want to enroll their children in private school yet they do not have the money so instead of letting them stay at home, they should take them to FPE Girls should have the same rights to education like the boy. There fore the should be encouraged to provide education to all the children despite of the gender
Research report presented to the Institute of Open and Distance Learning in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award Degree Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood and Primary Education Kampala International University
Enrollment, Learners, Primary schools, Embu District Kenya