Team building and service delivery in selected public primary schools in Getembe Division, Kisii County, Kenya

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Kampala International University. College of Education,open distance and e-learning.
The study correlates team building and service delivery in selected public primary schools in Getembe Division, Kenya. It was guided by four objectives namely; to determine the profile of respondents in terms of gender, age, educational qualification and years of teaching experiences, present position, and marital status, to determine the level of team building, to determine the level of service delivery. To determine if there is a significant relationship between the levels of team building and service delivery. The study used descriptive correlational as its research design. Six (6) public primary schools from Getembe Division were randomly selected to serve as a sample. The study used a sample of 160 teachers from the findings of the study it was revealed that there is a high level of team building, there is also a high level of service delivery and there exists a strong positive relationship between the level of team building on teachers and the level of service delivery by the teachers. The study therefore recommended that development /training of teams should be highly considered in order to raise the pupils’ performance that teachers must be motivated through salary increment, recruitment and evaluation of teachers should be formed and actively supported, that managers should set clear expectations for workers and finally, the workers roles should be clearly defined. That the majority of the teachers were male and most of them are over 40 years old. Majority are assistant teachers and holders of bachelors degree they have more than 15 years of teaching experience and most of them are married.
A thesis proposal presented to the college of higher degree and research Kampala International University Kampala Uganda in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the masters degree in educational management and administration
Team building, Service delivery