An assessment of the role of media in political change and election transition in Kenya. A Case Study of Kenya.

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences.
The aim of this research disse1iation is to identify the role of media dming political change and in election transition. Media has an impact on people and can influence them , positively or negatively, the extent which it can influence depends on how journalist wodcing in the media presents information or news data. In the nm up to the December 2007 general election in Kenya, the media played a key role in promoting images of different political readers and their paiiies, most politician used the media as a platfo1m to spread propaganda about their enemies and promote individual goals ainong people. The general objective of this disse1tation is to exainine the role of media as an instrument used dming political change and election transition. This reseai·ch will use research of descriptive and analytical design. The area of study is Nairobi and sainple size used is 80 respondents. Data is collected via physical visitation, journals, questionnaires and inte1view guide. Data is analyzed through quantitative analysis. , Findings from the reseai·ch indicate that there are factors that influence the role of media during political change, they include; influence of fmmer political leaders, t:dbalism ainong journalist, research centers, the church & mosques, diversity of culture and media competition ainong different media houses. Also, there is propaganda, editmial endorsement, media cainpaign and credibility of media somces. Applications and implications ai·e that, the media should make use of opinion polls, regulate media advertisements, train journalist on political repo1ting, and regulate commercialization of media. Futher still, the government should endorse media development by legalizing media clauses that promote media development.
A dissertation submitted as Requirement in Partial Fulfillment of the Award of Bachelor Degree of Mass Communication at Kampala International University.
Role of Media, Political Change, Election Transition, Kenya