Impact of teaching methods on students' performance in mathematics, within bo met district, Kenya

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Kampala International University, College of Education Open and Distance Learning
The study on impact of teaching methods on students' performance in mathematics was conducted within Bomet District in Kenya. The general objective formulated so as to realize this study had been formulated as: this study is intended to determine the impact of teaching methods on performance of students in mathematics. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, research questions were formulated. In review of related literature, all other authors' works or contentions in relation to the problem under study were revisited and all this had to correlate with the objectives of the study. In the research methodology, a descriptive design was employed since the whole study was about explaining a scenario or an event. A sample of 40 respondents which constituted 30 students and IO teachers was used. Interview guides and questionnaires were employed in the process of data gathering after which data was analyzed and presented in percentages and frequency distribution tables. The findings from the field revealed that effective teaching methods would encourage students to perceive mathematics positively. It was also revealed that mathematics was important in the technological field. A recommendation was made that there was need for student- centered teaching approaches so as to motivate students do well in mathematics.
A research report submitted to the College of Education Open and Distance Learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a Degree of Bachelor of Education in Arts of Kampala International University
teaching methods, students, performance, mathematics