Teacher’s attitude towards learners with hearing impairment in an inclusive setting in Nyangoma Division, Bondo District.

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open & Distance Learning
On the findings of the study on teacher’s attitude towards learners with hearing impairment, the research has found out those learners with hearing impairment needs to be catered for in order to perform. Teachers should look into the affairs of learners, as they are concerned with the affairs of the normal hearing learners The researcher has also observed that learners with hearing impairment should be taught using the available teaching and learning resources. The researcher has also found out that there are no enough teachers who are equipped with knowledge and skills in handling learners with hearing impairment. Some of the conclusions gathered were that, these learners with hearing impairment are draw back to the mean score which is the core of drilling in our primary schools and hence teachers develop negative attitude or hatred towards the hearing impaired learners Also they make it difficult for the completion of the syllabus since they learn in a slow pace compared to the hearing learners. Most teachers who filled in questionnaire, expressed that these learners are supposed to be in special schools and not to learn a alongside the hearing learners.
A Research Report Presented to the Institute of Continuing and Distance Studies Kampala International University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of Degree Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education
Teacher’s attitude, Learners, Hearing impairment, Nyangoma Division, Bondo District.