The impact of gender based violence on the performance of the girl child in secondary schools in Uganda: a case study of selected secondary schools in Bundibugyo council

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The topic of the study was the impact of gender-based violence on the performance of girl child in secondary schools in Bundibugyo town council, Bundibugyo district. The study was guided by three specific objectives, that included i) to identify the causes of gender-based violence; ii) to establish the forms of gender-based violence; iii) to identify measures that can stop gender-based violence. This research employed both qualitative and quantitative research approaches. The findings still indicate that gender based violence is majorly caused by behavioral factors; that gender-based economic violence is a major form of gender-based violence experienced in Bundibugyo town council, Bundibugyo district and that Communications in marriage can reduce gender-based violence in families. It was concluded that Psychological was one of the causes of Gender-based violence in families, Jealousy,Behavioral, Social stress, Power and control and Mental illness; that, Gender-based emotional violence was one of forms of Gender-based violence, gender-based physical violence,Gender-based sexual violence. Gender-based economic violence, Gender-based spiritual violence. Cultural imbalance and social customs, Media and parents negligence and Influence of sports; and that communication in marriage was one of the measures towards Gender- Based Violence, avoidance of negative statements, Hearing advice from one another in families. Care and being sensitive to each other’s needs, Looking for assistance / counseling. sharing housework and child care and patience can reduce gender-based violence in families. The researcher recommended as follows: there should be more strict measures laid by the government and policy makers to curb gender based violence in society and culprits should be heavily punished to teach others a lesson; the media together with women and child social workers should be given the right and enough man power to investigate and prosecute Gender-based violence and Gender-based violence in society so that this vice can be wiped from society; fathers and mothers in homesteads should be encouraged to volunteer in counseling programs aimed at solving social and domestic issues without the use of violence.
A research submitted to the college humanities and social sciences, in the department of political and administrative studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of bachelor of arts in public administration of Kampala International University
Gender based violence, Girl child, Performance, Secondary schools