The effects of advertising on sales performance in an organization:

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The study was intended to examme the relationship between advertising and sales performance. Some companies put in efforts to advertise but in the end register low sales. This was based on secondary data from textbooks, journals, and internet and primary data from different respondents The objectives of the study were to identify the various advertising Medias, to identify methods used in deciding the advertising budget, other promotional mix elements and relationship between advertising and sales. The findings of the study revealed that advertising is important as much as it informs, persuades and reminds people to buy products. By this, it boosts the company sales reputation and profitability. The researcher recommended the proper advertising should be carried out using proper advertising tools that would deficit the required information for optimal sales volumes.
Research report submitted as partial fulfillment for the ward of Bachelor’s Degree in marketing management (BMM) of Kampala International University
Sales performance, Mukwano Industries Limited Kampala, Uganda