The impact of procurement practices on the performance of local governments in Uganda, a case of bugiri district local government:

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management.
This study investigated the effect of procurement practices on the performance of Local Governments in Uganda with specific reference to Bugiri District Local Government and it was guided by the following objective; i) to determine the level of customer orientation. ii) to determine the use of strategic supplier partnerships and, iii) to determine the level of information sharing as lictors influencing performance of Bugiri District Local Government This study used a descriptive design involving both qualitative and quantitative approaches. The study population comprised of48 employees in the departments of procurement and finance. Questionnaires ~~eae used as the main research instrument. Data analysis was done using means, standard deviations and Pearson correlation. The study found that the common procurement practices which exist at Bugiri District Local Government included information sharing and knowledge management (general average meair2.80, Stcfrl .123). Furthermore, the study revealed that the performance of the local government was assessed as poor (general average mean=2. 17, Std=O.868). The study also revealed a positive and strong relationship between procurement practices and performance (ieO.781, p<O.Ol). The study concluded that information sharing and knowledge management were the common modes of procurement that were twirly practiced at the local government. The study recommended that there is need for the local government to prioritize customer orientation. This could be achieved by building a strong buyer-supplier relations which will eventually lead to timely deliveries within the local government The study also recommended that there’s need for the local government to enhance strategic supplier partnership by creating long term supplier partnership which will help to cut cost.
a research report submitted to the college of economics and management in partial fulfillment for the requirements for the award of a bachelor’s degree in supplies and procurement management of Kampala international university, Uganda.
procurement practices, local governments