Factors affecting exclusive breast feeding at Comboni Hospital and its catchment area in Bushenyi District.

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Kampala International University. School of Health Sciences (Western Campus)
The objective of the study was to establish factors affecting exclusive breast feeding in Comboni hospital and its catchment’s areas in Uganda. A total of 100 respondents were interviewed randomly and a total of 150 questionnaires issued. The age intervals were ranging from 18-43 years, education levels were between P.5 – P.7 who had 14%. The Banyankole by tribe of respondents were 78(78%). The lack of education on the importance of breastfeeding contributed to the poor numbers of breastfeeding mothers in the community. Intervention from the Ministry of Health in Uganda through the Department of Mother and Child Health will be the best way by creating awareness and educating the mothers.
A Research project submitted for the partial fulfillment for the award of a Degree in Medicine and Surgery (MBChB)
Exclusive breast feeding, Bushenyi District.