The effect of service quality on customer satisfaction a case study in Vodafone Uganda:

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management.
The study sought to establish the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction in Vodafone Uganda. Vodafone Uganda is one of the recognised telecommunication companies in Uganda. The study focused on examining this relationship by applying SERVQUAL model comprising five dimensions: Tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy. The data collected from 91 questionnaires were analysed using statistical tools as mean, correlation and simple regression analysis and descriptive statistics was used as well which included frequencies, means, standard deviation and percentages, The study also indicated that service quality has a positive and significant relationship with customer satisfaction The study showed that Vodafone Uganda was trying to improve on the level of service quality demanded by customers though it was still unsatisfactory in regards to the customer expectations’. Therefore Vodafone needs to improve on all the dimensions of service quality with major emphasis on responsiveness in order to increase the level of customer satisfaction.
a research report submitted to the department of economics and statistics, college of economics and management in partial fulfillment for the award of a degree of bachelor’s in economics and applied statistics at Kampala international university.
Tangibility, Reliability, Assurance, Customer satisfaction.