Pupil absenteeism and academic performance in selected primary schools in Kyarumba Sub County, Kasese District

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The study set out to establish the influence of pupil absenteeism on academic performance of pupils in selected primary schools in Kyarumba sub county Kasese district. It was guided by the following research questions; V/hat are the causes ofpupil absenteeism? Is there a relationship between pupil absenteeism and level of academic performance in primary schools? What mechanisms are being employed to address the challenges of absenteeism? The study targeted a population of 390.08 Head Teachers, 320 pupils, 40 teachers and 22 parents were sampled. Qualitative methods of investigation were employed in collecting data. The data was analyzed and the findings of the study revealed that; The causes of absenteeism were very many and brought about by the pupils, parents, guardians, teachers, I-lead teachers and government in most cases the parents were found to be the ones forcing pupils to be absent. There is a significancy relation between absenteeism and level of academic performance. Most pupils who always attended school regularly. There was no serious mechanisms of encouraging those who were always present and neither was there a clear way of discouraging those who were always absent in the light of these findings of the study it was recommended that; there should be a deliberate effort to fight absenteeism as a danger to accidemic good performance and not just talking it in passing. There should be an aggressive move to remind and sensitize all stukeholders about their role in implementing universal primary education if we are going to achieve the education for all (EFA). There should be a deliberate effort to involve all education stakeholders and implore them to play their rightful roles. In the case of the mid-day meal, much as it is the role of every parent to feed their children, security policy that can always rescue those who may be experiencing famine. This will enable all families to provide a mid day meal for their children.
A research report submitted to the college of education in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a bachelor’s degree of arts in education at Kampala International University
Pupil absenteeism, Academic performance, Selected primary schools, Kyarumba Sub County, Kasese District