Teachers' attitudes towards teaching learners who are mentally retarded in Tambach division Keiyo district

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
The rationale of the research is to focus on the attitudes of teachers integrating the intellectually handicapped children with the non-handicapped in their classes. The purpose of the study is to investigate the attitudes of teachers towards teaching learners who are mentally retarded, The study will pave way to other future researchers and act as reference to other integration studies elsewhere. The author hopes that her recommendations will send more light to the educational policy makers on the improvement of special education services. Learners will not go to segrated special schools again, the significance of the study is to change the attitude of teachers and help the learners to study and perform. The study will benefit the Ministry of Education. It will be able to cater for all the individual regardless of their abilities. Teachers will be trained to gain skills and knowledge to teach learners who are mentally retarded. The knowledge that will be required from this study will enable the researcher to make the necessary recommendations. This will be on the steps to be taken to make the program a success and the areas that will require more research. The research was conducted at Kipka primary school in Tambach Division Keiyo District in Kenya. The respondents were teachers and pupils. The sample population was selected using systematic sampling. The discussions were about the views of the teachers integrating the intellectually challenged (mentally retarded). These learners are not well catered for. The researcher concluded that their negative attitude was due to lack of knowledge. Here recommendations included the provision of facilities and supportive services. She recommends that more teachers be trained in special needs education, so that they can change their attitudes towards learners who are mentally retarded.
A Research Report Submitted To Institute Of Open And Distance Learning In Partial Fulfillment Of Requirement For The Award Of Bachelor Of Education Degree Of Kampala International University
Teachers' attitudes, Teaching learners, Mentally retarded, Tambach division Keiyo district