Absenteeism and Organizational Performance: A Case Study of Ministry Of Agriculture Food and Cooperative Tanzania

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree in Human resource management
The purpose of the study was about absenteeism making original performance the problem may decline of employee performance which may be due to absenteeism. The purpose of the study is establishing relationship between absenteeism and organizational performance in ministry of agriculture, food and cooperation. The study was guided by the following objectives; to examine the causes of absenteeism on employee performance, to examine the effect of absenteeism on employee performance, to establish ways of controlling absenteeism on organization. The study adopted a case study research design where by both qualitative and quantitative strategies of data analyses were used. The researcher drew a sample of 60 respondents, at ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Cooperative in Tanzania as illustrated below. Findings indicates that major causes of employees absenteeism are unsound personnel policies, while the common effect of absenteeism is only psychological effect, the last finding shows major solution is high wages and allowances .. Conclusion in each objective is the first cause absenteeism in ministry play a significantly negative effect which hence low production, the effect in ministry play a very significant role in ensuring absenteeism rates of employee at workplace. But the conclusion of ways to control absenteeism, only payment does play significant role in the organization performance. Basing on the studying the following were the recommendations were suggested by the researcher, the reward system at ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Cooperative needed to be reappraisal so that they are more general and fair to the whole staff. This should be in line with the government pay scales.
A Research Report Presented to the School of Business And Management in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of Bachelors Degree of Human Resource Management Of Kampala International University.
Absenteeism, Organizational Performance, Ministry Of Agriculture Food and Cooperative Tanzania