Teachers’ Attitude and Academic Performance of Pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties in Kamnara Primary School Bondo District. Kenya

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open & Distance Learning
The research has been carried out on teachers’ attitude and academic performance of pupils with specific learning difficulties in Kamnara Primary School Bondo district Kenya. The researcher has used questionnaires to collect data. The researcher also used documents from the school to find out academic performance of learners and teachers’ qualifications. Some of the documents used include mark lists, and teachers monthly return records. The researcher has realized that teachers hold positive attitudes towards learners with specific learning difficulties. This has been shown of the use of teaching methods that attract learners, use of resources which are available and use of good classroom management. The researcher has also realized that the academic performance of learners with specific learning difficulties is below average and that only a few teachers are trained in teaching learners with specific learning difficulties. The researcher has recommended that more teachers be trained in special needs education so as to improve the academic performance of children with specific learning difficulties.
A Research Report Presented to the Institute of Continuing and Distance Studies Kampala International University in partial fulfillment of the requirements For the Degree Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education
Teachers’ Attitude, Academic Performance, Pupils, Learning Difficulties, Kamnara Primary School Bondo District., Kenya