Banking competition a comparative study on Stanbic Bank and Centenary Bank Uganda (2005-2011)

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Kampala International University; College of Economics and management
This research study is about banking competition in the banking industry. Taking Stanbic bank and Centenary bank as my case studies, the research will involve studying and comparing the rate of growth in the customer's deposits, loan lending, and accumulation of assets for a period• of 6 years (2005 - 2011) for the 1'.,vo banks which are considered the giant banks in Uganda. The study will be conducted for four months and is to be submitted to Kampala International University. Statistical analysis using time series analysis; Analysis of variance test (AN OVA) and regression analysis will be conducted to compare variables. On completion of the study, the researcher will be in a position to draw a conclusion and make recommendation on competition in Ugandan banking industry based on the findings. The aim of the study is to measures competition and emphasizes the competitive conduct of banks without using explicit information about the structure of the market. The comparative study indicates that the Ugandan banking industry is highly concentrated which has encouraged competition in the market and enhanced performance. A major policy implication derived from this analysis is that the Ugandan banking system has been subject to deep structural transformation since the early 1990s. Advances in information technology, liberalizatioi1 of international capital movement, consolidation and privatization have permitted economies of scale in the production and distribution of services and increased risk diversification. These forces have led to lower costs and, undoubtedly, higher efficiency thereby encouraging competition among films.
Research dissertation submitted to the School of Economics and Applied Statistics in partial fulfillment for the Award of a Degree in Economics and Applied Statistics at Kampala International University
Banking competition a comparative, Stanbic Bank and Centenary Bank, Uganda