Design development and evaluation of a library information system: A case study of Macmillan Memorial Library

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Kampala International University, School of Computing & Information Technology
Macmillan Memorial Library is a public library that offers library services to all levels of scholars using traditional approach which has resulted to poor, dawdling and erroneousness in general management of the library thus the researcher found the need for a database with web interface that can provide a good solution regarding service delivery like accurate updating of records in files and retrieving, easy tracing of library and members records not forgetting trouble free general administration of the Library which will progress cost-effective performance by increase in accuracy, labor-intensive activities cost reduction by increased effectiveness. The researcher therefore used an open source software environment to develop a web-based database for Macmillan Memorial Library for the sole purpose of administration and serving its clients efficiently and effectively. The purpose of the study was designing and evaluation of a library information system for MML administration based on a web-based database in consideration of the relevant staff involved. The researcher used random sampling to obtain relevant data whereby a total of 50 members accessing the library and library staff was selected to respond to the questionnaire and the interview related to the study
A thesis presented to the College of Higher degrees and Research in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of master’s degree of science in information systems of Kampala International University
Library information system, Macmillan Memorial Library