The adequacy in training and performance of secondary school counselors:

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
Kenya is facing an increasing demand regarding quality of guidance and counseling programmes for secondary school counselors, counseling has been de-emphasized and priority mainly given to better academic grades for students. The secondary school counselors seems in adequately trained to meet the emerging students needs. This is evident with increasing report of indiscipline and unrest among secondary school students especially the month of June/July some many schools were closed early. Many students were involved in serious school riots, cases of student dying for example upper hill secondary school or dormitories burnt down for example in st. Angelas in Kitui district (24/8/2008) The guidance and counseling teachers are either appointees of the teachers service commission, board of governor or school sponsors, most of these counselors to some extent are ill equipped to meet students needs either educational, social and physical needs. They also face challenges in performing their task like heavy teaching load, and uncooperative school administrators who are ignorant about counseling. This study sought to establish challenges faced by secondary school counselors in Kitui district, and to what extent are they adequately trained in performing their counseling tasks. The study was to bring to open the status of secondary school counselors in regard to challenges they face because of inadequate training. This was awakening call for the ministry of education to formulate a clear policy on guidance and counseling program for secondary school counselors. In order to understand the status of the secondary school senior executive study was used. A sample was taken from the thirty six counselors each from the thirty six secondary schools in Kitui district. This study used a questionnaire as means of collecting data. The data was analyzed by descriptive statistics by use of tables, the charts pie charts and frequency tables. Findings from the study revealed that secondary school counselors are inadequately trained and faces a number of challenges which needs to be addressed. Recommendations arising from this study are that; the ministry of education was to harmonize the training of teacher-counselors and only trained teacher-counselors should be posted in schools as counselors.
A Research Report Submitted to the Department of (IODL) in Partial Fulfillment to the Requirements for Degree in Bachelor of Education (Science) and Guidance and Counseling of Kampala International University
Training, Secondary school counselors, Performance, Kitui district Kenya