Teamwork and employee performance in Makindye Division:

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study was set to establish the effects of teamwork on employee perf01mance. The study was based on three research objectives which included effect of team trust on employee's performance in pride micro finance bank, examining the effect of team's recognition on employee performance in pride micro bank, assessing the effect of concepts for creating successful teams on employee performance in pride microfinance bank. The study chose the topic based on the need to identify the trends of employee's teams in organizations and how they affect their performance. The study employed a descriptive correlation design. Descriptive design was used because the study was non-experimental research that described the characteristics of particular variables. The study employed a sample population of 80 people out of 100 target population who were interfaced through the use of the research questionnaire. The study employed the research questionnaire to collect data from the respondents who were employees of Pride micro-finance Kabalagala branch. The findings were that 29% and 34% respondents strongly agreed and agreed respectively that team trust affects employee's performance in pride micro finance bank. The findings were further that creation of conducive environment for work, development of confidence, development of unique skills, generate behavior basis of team, quality output, increased productivity and discussion of organizational issues of team recognition affects employee's performance in pride micro finance bank. Team recognition help in improving achievement of tasks, effective managerial monitoring, motivation of employees, building employee performance and Employee commitment, Finally the concepts for creating successful teams affect employee performance in pride microfinance bank. Enhance goal accomplishment according, Team risk management, mutual commitment, and creation of areas of responsibilities, improved working relationships and evaluating training scenarios. The researcher made recommendations intended to improve the team work prevalence and employee performance. Establishing measures intended to provide trust to workers in team. Adapting support team efforts inside the organization. In this way overall organizational productivity and effectiveness can be enhanced. It is important to develop such an atmosphere where employees are well satisfied with their jobs and cooperative with each other. Management should identify outstanding performance, improved performance for those who have made an effort to increase their perfonnance. There is need by the employees to seek for hard work and expose their teams as being relevant to the organizations.
A research report submitted to the college of economics and applied sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the a ward of a Bachelor Degree in Human resource management of Kampala International University
Teamwork, Employee performance, Pride micro finance Kabalagala Branch