The impact of inventory management systems on the performance of business enterprises in Uganda: a case study of Uchumi supermarket in Uganda

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Kampala International University.College Of Economics and Management
The study was conducted in order to investigate the impact of inventory management systems on the Performance of business enterprises in Uganda; Uchumi supermarket was used as case study. The Study sought to determine objectively; to find out the effect of inventory management on performance, To identify the methods used in managing inventory levels, to investigate the effects of stock levels and Records on performance. The literature review was conducted with the aim of establishing and shading more light on inventory Management and its impact of performance, the area under study. It explained the process adopted by Business enterprises activities. The researcher collected the necessary using questionnaire and interview methods of data collection. The data was tabulated and then analyzed in order to draw inference from the data collected. The Information collected from the respondents through questionnaires and interview guide questions were used in order to answer the objectives of the study. The research study contains field findings, and it was found out that, Uchumi supermarket does not hold any stock of inventory inform of raw-materials where as the company deals in finished products, Semi--processed products ,goods for resale and intermediate goods as they are used for production of Other goods before they have reached their final stage of consumption, also an assessment of the effects were as follows, interviewees attributed to the short expiry dates which may lead to losses as Such goods may stay in stock without being sold of where as others attributed that as goods are stocked and restocked returns keep on increasing inform of sales' maximization.
Research report submitted to the faculty of Business and Management in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the bacholers' degree in Supplies and Procurement, Kampala International University
Inventory, Management, Systems, Performance, Business, Enterprises, Uganda