The protection of the Rights of Juvenile Delinquents in Uganda; A case study of Kampala District.

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Kampala International University, School of law.
This research book covers "the protection of the rights ofjuvenile delinquents in Uganda; case study of Kampala District. " Throughout the exploration of this as the area of research, the researcher principally concentrated upon the ambits of juvenile justice, looking at its evolution, progression as well as the structure of the juvenile justice system of late in Uganda 's judicial system. The research further explores the rights of the juvenile offenders enshrined under the national laws, the extent of protection vis-it-vis the enforcement ofthe same. In undertaking this study, the researcher based on a couple of objectives as a direction for the research where in the causes of juvenile delinquency were expertly discussed hereunder, the laws governing juvenile justice administration, the extent of juvenile protection under the laws, as well as advancing recommendations for improved protection of the rights of the juvenile offenders. In prying this, the researcher used both qualitative and quantitative but majorly concentrated on the descriptive research design in establishment of a rapport under this research. Written information about juvenile justice and delinquency were reviewed for a better understanding of the research topic as well as establishing the gaps left by the other writers over this same area to give ample room to the researcher on how best this research can patch the gaps left therein by the previous authors. The research explored the national and international law in relation to juvenile justice and the written data was assessed by the empirical results obtained from the interviews held by the researcher through interviews for coding and establishment of the reality truth about the practice and norm of the same in Uganda. The findings obtained from the research were relied upon in advancing recommendations, drawing conclusions and further suggesting other possible avenues for further research under juvenile delinquency and justice that were ineptly handled hereunder, which ought to be addressed wholesomely.
A dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Law in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Diploma in Laws of Kampala International University.
Rights of Juvenile Delinquents, Protection, Kampala District, Uganda