An analysis on the operation of the doctrine of separation of power in Uganda

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Kampala International University,School of Law
This research is based on the doctrine of separation of powers in Uganda and particularly it examines the legal challenges to effective implementation of the principle of separation of powers in Uganda. The doctrine of separation of powers as advocated by French philosopher Montesquieu in his book Esprit Des Lois that there must be different organs with different function, power and personnel and in Uganda the doctrine it is provided under article 4 of the Constitution; the problem is that though the doctrine is recognized in Uganda by the mother law of the country which is a supreme law and all other laws must abide to it but still in Uganda there is infringement of the doctrine as it can be seen that there is personnel working in more than one organ but also there is a problem of one organ to exercise the powers of another organ which is contrary to the doctrine of separation of powers as stipulated under article 4 of the Constitution. Therefore this research attempts to look on the challenges facing effective implementation of the doctrine in Uganda and offers recommendations which some of them suggested some amendment of some provisions which goes contrary to the doctrine but some of them aimed at making sure that the doctrine by any means it is adhered. So it is hoped that those recommendation when implemented they can move as from the infringement of the doctrine of separation of powers and makes Uganda to have practical separation of powers rather than theoretical one.
A research dissertation submitted to the School of Law in fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a Bachelors Degree in Law of Kampala International University
doctrine of separation, Power, Uganda