Boarding facilities and students’ academic performance in selected secondary schools in Kyenjojo district Uganda

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Kampala International University, Faculty of Education
The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between beading facilities and students academic performance in selected secondary schools in Kyenjojo district It employed a cross-sectional survey design to evaluate the extent to which lack of boarding facilities retards students' performance in examinations. Five out of the fourteen schools were selected for the study using systematic list sampling. The study further considered senior four classes in all the selected schools and a sample of 26 teachers took part in the study selected using simple random sampling. Finding of the study revealed that there is a significant difference in performance of day and boarding students in the district and those schools with enough boarding facilities perform better than those with out enough facilities. The study concluded that Students' academic performance in boarding sections is better than in day sections. There is a significant difference between the academic performance of boarders and that of day students. There is a relationship between boarding facilities and students' academic performance. Lack of boarding facilities in most schools is to a great extent responsible for poor students' performance in examinations. The study recommended that the ministry of education and sports through the education service commission (esc) should undertake staffing by recruiting enough teachers, especially graduate teachers in to schools. The government of Uganda through planning unit of the ministry of education and sports should provide special development grant to secondary schools, especially in the rural, for the construction of libraries, laboratories, furniture and others. The structures should be stocked with textbooks, chemicals and equipment's. The head teachers, school inspectors and teachers should be more analytical and supportive while examining problems of and dealing with children in day and boarding schools.
A Research Report Submitted to the Faculty of Education in Partial Fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts with Education of Kampala International University
students’, Boarding facilities