The impact of instructional materials and pupils enrollment on primary school pupil’s academic performance in Nyeri municipality division Kenya

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
The study on Impact of Instructional materials and pupils enrolment pupils academic performance was carried out in 9 schools in Nyeri South Municipality division. The sample area had 42 schools and an enrolment of 19,600 pupils. Thus the visited schools represent 21 .4% of the schools and 1 9.3 % of the enrolment in the targeted division The overall aim of the study was to document the impact of instructional materials and pupils enrolment in Free Primary Education Programme on pupils academic performance. The study collected data from various sources and used different data collection techniques — both qualitative and quantitative focus group discussion to collect qualitative data from pupils, teachers and parents. Queslionnaire was used to collect quantitative data from the head teacher and teachers. The study established that after introduction of Free Primary Education enrolment increased in schools: However, in later year, the enrolment dropped due to unfriendly learning environments, poverty, child labor and HIV/AIDs. According to the study, the large number of the pupils were in classes not appropriate to their age. They could not catch up with the others and this has a negative impact on their learning achievement. The study also established that children returning to school after having dropped out constituted a great percentage which also affected learning achievements due to indiscipline and also being bullied by others Repetition was also noted as common feature in most schools indicating a wasteful education system. The proportion of repeaters was high contradicting ministry of education policy that outlaws repetition. Due to the large pupil influx, schools were faced with a problem of shortage of teachers: Most classes were too large to be handled by a single teacher. This made it difficult for schools to offer quality education.
A Research Dissertation Submitted To Faculty Of Education In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirement For The Award Of Bachelor Of Arts Degree With Education Of Kampala International University
Instructional materials, Pupils enrollment, Primary school, Pupil’s academic, Nyeri municipality division, Kenya