Challenges faced by teachers in teaching mentally challenged learners in an inclusive setting in Kihumbu-ini zone Thika district

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Kampala international international: College of Education, open and distance learning
The researcher carried out a research to investigate the challenges faced by the teachers in teaching learners with mental problems in Kihumbu-ini zone. The researcher used the qualitative approach where numerical data was obtained to describe the study. The researcher analyzed the data using statistical method to arrive to the results which was then interpreted to give meaning. Survey design was used to collect information in standardized form. Information was got by using questionnaire which was prepared for teachers and head teachers to fill. The target population of the study comprised of teachers and head teachers in the regular school in Kihumbu-ini zone. The researcher sampled the population deliberately and used random sampling procedure. The researcher sampled five schools out of nineteen schools in the zone and gave questionnaire to each school were to be filled by the lower primary teachers while the other two were filled by one upper class teacher and one by the head teacher. The researcher had the following findings after going through the study. There was need to identify the mentally challenged learners in regular primary schools. This is because teachers ignore learner and they have rights to education just like any other normal learner. From the data collected the researcher found out that most of the learners in regular schools are mild and moderate intellectually challenged. There is need for teachers to be trained in special need education to be able to handle children with special needs in the regular schools. This is because most of the mentally challenged learners are handled by teachers who are not specially trained. It is the researcher recommendation that more teachers are trained in special need education in order to be able handle the intellectually challenged learners. Materials and equipment should be provided in order to help those learners benefit. More teachers should be employed in the regular schools in order to make it possible for the teachers to handle learners individually. There is need to create awareness in the zone about children who are intellectually challenged. This is because from the respondent some has negative attitude towards those learner.
A research report submitted to the institute of open and distance and learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of bachelor of education degree in special education of Kampala international university
Special needs, Teachers, Mentally challenged learners, Thika district