A secure centralized web based criminal data base management system case study: central police station (cps) Kampala

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Kampala international international: School of computing and Information technology
The study was to access the role of electronic media in recording and updating criminals across the nation as a whole. Using Central Police Station as a case study, the objectives of the study were to provide ways how the Police could keep/store records of criminals across the country, to identify media programs that enable a police officer to record a criminal into a very secure database management system throughout the entire country. The research was carried out through both theoretical and empirical study. Theoretical study involved set of reasoned ideas by different authorities that tried to explain the subject matter. Empirical study on the other hand included survey and experimental studies. Survey was conducted through questionnaires that were distributed to the police officer in charge of keeping criminal records. Questionnaires distributed, 5 were answered by police officers at the Central Police station Kampala. Data was presented in tables which enabled us to identify trends and display relationships in the findings and analyzed by comparing frequencies and percentages in the finding. The finding in the study discovered that the CPS mainly carry’s out manual recording of criminals throughout the entire country. According to the finding, 90% of the respondents don’t believe in the electronic recording of these criminals because of reasons that were beyond the researcher’s scope of research. We therefore encourage the Central Police Station to install and use this system that will enable them record and receive criminals from all over the country.
A project report submitted to the school of computer studies to the partial fulfillment for the requirement for the award of a diploma in computer science of Kampala international university
Computer science, Centralized web based, Criminal database management system, Central police station (cps), Kampala