Integrating ICT in traffic police department in Uganda: design and development of traffic case management system(TCRIS)

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International Institute, Technology and Education (IISTE)
he study was about the development of Traffic Case Records Information System (‬TCRIS‭) ‬that would ease storage and retrieval of traffic cases in the Traffic Department of the Uganda Police.‭ ‬The method used to manage traffic cases is manual‭; ‬information collected daily is written on paper and stored in files for reference,‭ ‬thus making the captured cases susceptible to loss,‭ ‬easy access by unauthorized people and destruction.‭ ‬The researcher set out to study the current ‬system,‭ ‬analyze the needs and then improve on the system by designing and developing a Traffic Case Records Information System.‭ ‬Data collection techniques such as interviews and observation were applied to get the necessary information from the Traffic officers in the Traffic Department at the Central Police Station,‭ ‬Kampala.‭ ‬The system developed captures the defaulters‭’‬ bio data,‭ ‬traffic offence committed and the charge for the traffic offence.‭ ‬The TCRMS makes the use of the camera that captures the photo‭ ‬of the defaulter and the biometric gadget that captures the defaulter‭’‬s thumb print for police reference.‭ ‬All these are centrally stored in the database but are shared with migrations department,‭ ‬Bank of Uganda‭ (‬BoU‭) ‬and Uganda Revenue Authority (URA‎) ‏which government departments work closely with police in regard to such offences.‭ ‬Different programming languages were used during the development of the system including Visual Basic for the front end and SQL Server 2005‭ ‬for the back end.‭ ‬The system is thus‭ ‬user friendly in the way it inserts,‭ ‬retrieves and updates user information
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Traffic management, Uganda police, Court records, ICTs in records management