The challenges faced by children affected or infected with HIV/AIDS:

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The purpose of the study was to examine the challenges faced by children affected or infected with HJI7/AIDS that’s prevalence of HIV/AIDS, socio economic and educational challenges faced by children in Uganda with a case study of Kiswa Health Centre IV The study was guided by the following objectives: To establish the prevalence of children affected or infected by HIV/AIDS. To find out the socio-economic challenges which affected or infected children by HIV/AIDS face. To investigate the educational challenges faced by children affected or infected by HIV/AIDS. The study was carried out against the background that many people in and around Kiswa Health Centre IV complain of children being neglected by people or friends, they literal isolate themselves, dropout of school, work for people outside family for money to be used at home among other problems because of HJV/AIDS. The study employed across-sectional survey designed on Kiswa Health Centre IV children (infected or affected) and primary data were collected using qualitative methods which include interview and observation, quantitative data were collected using questionnaire method, secondary data were sought through documentary reviewed method from text books, different libraries such as KIU library and MUK library. A sample size of (25) twenty-five respondents including staff and operative employees constituted the sample size. The findings of the study revealed that: the prevalence of HIV/AIDS as mother to child transmission, use of Needles that have not been sterilized, blood transfusions where infected blood is used, sexual abuse and rape, and sexual activity and drug use for older children. The socio-economic challenges were revealed that children become family member income earner~ doctors and nurses die, children find it difficult to gain care for childhood diseases, many children loose friends and parents to AIDS~ children who have HIV/AIDS in their family are stigmatized and affected by discrimination, and fear among infected children; lastly educational challenges were revealed to be schools loose teachers to AIDS, lack of scholastic materials, school dropout due to financial problems, isolated by friends and teachers at school and poor performance among children affected or infected with HTV/AIDS. The researcher from the above findings suggested that there should be training for those in the community who interact with HIV/AIDS affected families. The government should increase the provision of anti-retro viral treatment or drugs to hospitals and persons living with HIV/AIDS and schools who loose teachers to AIDS should employ more than one teacher for a particular subject like math.
A Research Report Submitted to the Faculty of Social Sciences in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of the Degree of the Bachelor in Guidance and Counseling of Kampala International University
Children, HIV/AIDS, Kiswa Health Centre IV, Bugolobi, Nakawa division, Kampala District