Imports, exports and economic growth in Uganda (2000-2012)

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
This research report set out to investigate the relationship between Exports, Imports and economic growth (measured by GDP) in Uganda (2000-2011), the study employed time series survey data since examined data for a short time ,its objectives were; to establish the trend of Export in Uganda(2000-2011) to establish the trend of import in Uganda(1995-2011, to establish the trend of GDP growth of Uganda(2000-2011) ,to investigate the relationship between exports, import and GDP growth in Uganda (2000- 2011), the hypothesis of the study was there is no significant relationship between Exports, imports and GDP growth in Uganda time series analysis such Correlation analysis, regression analysis mechanisms were used. The trend of exports, imports and GDP growth showed a general increase with percentages change of 71.3, 76.9 and 53.3 percent respectively. Using the correlation, regression approach, there was a strong positive correlation between exports, imports and GDP growth (r1=0.9356, r2=0.9931) respectively, there was also significant relationship between export, imports and GDP growth at 0.05 level of significance, ) . n conclusion therefore both exports, import and GDP growth has a general increase, there is a positive relationship between exports, import and growth in Uganda which agreed with Khan (1997), Grima(1982),Connolly(1998) study on imports, exports and GDP growth this has implied that the exportation and importation of goods and services play a very important role in economic growth of Uganda.. The study has also supported the theory of comparative advantages since developing country like Uganda cannot foster without importation of goods and services. Finally Uganda should embark much on the exportation of good to increase on the country level of growth.
A research report submitted to the college of applied economics and management science in partial fulfillment of the award of a Bachelor’s Degree of Art in Economics of Kampala International University
Imports, Exports, Economic growth, Uganda (2000-2012)