Learning influence on the academic performance of learners with hearing imapirmnet of Ochh integrated programme in Baringo Dictrict Kenya

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Kampala International University; College of Education Open and Distance Learning
This study investigated the problems affecting the performance of learners with hearing impairment of Ochii Integrated programme, Baringo District, Kenya. Problems were whether they are high, moderate, low or very low in the following aspects: suitability of the curriculum, Learning resources, attitudes and trained personnel and the profile of teachers in terms of their ages, sex, academic and professional training and experiences. This study employed the descriptive survey method to investigate the problems. Purposive sampling technique was used to identify the sample area. The subjects of the study were the teachers of Ochii Integrated Programme, 10 teachers were interviewed during the study. The teachers were useful in the study because of the role they play key role in teaching and implementation of the curriculum. This study utilized a researcher devised instrument in form of a structured questionnaire that was pre-tested before the actual fieldwork; it contained questions about profile of the respondents and problems facing learners with hearing impairment. The researcher sought for permission from the headteacher to conduct the research in the school. Upon being granted permission, the researcher prepared a schedule for filling and submitting the questionnaires with the respondents. Data collected was then analyzed; frequencies and percentages were employed to describe the profile of the respondents whereas weighted mean was used to determine the extent to which the above factors were favorable to learners with hearing impairment. The study found that classrooms in Ochii Integrated Programme were not properly managed to suit learners with hearing impairment. It was also realized that poor attitude by teachers and regular learners towards the hearing impaired learners was prevalent in the school thus impacting negatively on the academic performance of these learners. The findings of this study should be utilized by the policy makers in the Ministry of Education in order to implement policies and programmes that will dress problems affecting learners with hearing impairment in Integrated Programmes. Future research should focus on the performance of children with hearing impairment in integrated programmes.
A research final report presented to the Institute of Continuing and Distance Studies Kampala International University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education
Learning influence, Academic performance of learners, Hearing impairment, Baringo District, Kenya