Challenges Facing Learners with Hearing Impairment in an Inclusive Setting in Vihiga District, Kenya

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree in special needs education
The general purpose of the study was to examine the challenges of inclusion of children with hearing impairment in regular schools in Vihiga district in Kenya. The specific objectives of the study were; to determine the challenges faced by teachers teaching learners with hearing impairments in accessing education, determine the relevance of the education currently offered to children with hearing impairments and to suggest solutions that can avert the problem. The methods used for data collection were questionnaires to the pupils and interviews with the teachers. The study revealed that teachers face a lot of challenges when teaching learners with hearing impairment. The study revealed that learners with disabilities face many problems including; poverty, poor health and nutrition, poor school infrastructure, the parents and community's attitudes, lack of special trained teachers for disabled children, discrimination at school and poor health and nutrition. The study also revealed that the education system in most schools is not relevant to children with learning disabilities. The study also revealed that the government should build special schools for these learners and design a curriculum that suits them. It also revealed that special teachers should be trained to teach learners so as they stay in their own environment. The government should train teachers specifically to teach learners with learning disabilities. The government should also design a curriculum that suit children with hearing impairment problems.
A Research Presented to the Institute of Open and Distance learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of Bachelor of Special Needs Education Degree of Kampala International University
Learners, Hearing Impairment, Vihiga District, Kenya