The impact of e-procurement and service delivery case study: Ntungamo local government Western Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The study looked at the impact of E-procurement on service delivery at Ntungamo District local government . The study objectives were; To examine factors influencing adoption of E-procurement at National Medical Stores. To determine different forms of E-procurement used at National Medical Stores. And To determine the relationship between E-procurement and service delivery. A sample of 30 respondents were determined using Krejcie Morgan (1970). The findings of the study were the following according to respondents. The forms of eprocurement were e-ordering; web-based ERP; e-sourcing; e-tendering; e-reverse auctioning; and e-informing. The factors influencing e-procurement adoption were Managerial Factors and eProcurement Implementation, Environmental Factors and e-Procurement Implementation, Technical Factors and e-Procurement Implementation, Presence of . legal support ,Supplier Capability Development, Development of experts on eprocurement, and Capital investment on technological infrastructure The recommendations of the study were, The modernization of the e-procurement legislative framework. Develop e-suites aimed at standardizing information avai/abinty from the suppliers. Develop simplified, consistent, interoperable and secure technology systems to drive the e-procurement functions. The paper recommends further research on the impact of other variables such as language barriers, experience curves, cultural factors and digital divides on e-procurement implementation. the researcher came up with the following recommendations; national medical stores should optimize benefits of e- procurement by increasing the proportion of expenditure on e-procurement by widening the scope of supplier sourcing thereby justifying use of e-procurement, national medical stores need to increase the eprocurement capability in terms of IT expertise and IT infrastructure injecting regular upgrading of IT system and management of firm to expand the use of eprocurement by incorporating most of e-procurement processes as well as all eprocurement models. The researcher recommends that national medical stores to expand e-procurement models put in use by national medical stores in order to optimize the benefits of e-procurement.
The research dissertation submitted to the College Of Economics and Management as partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of the Bachelor's Degree of Supplies and Procurement management Of Kampala International University
E-procurement, Service, Delivery