The prevalence of ascitis among patients admitted in Jinja Regional Referral Hospital

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Kampala International University, School of Health Sciences
Introduction: Ascites is a common cause of admission in Africa, especially among patients with liver cirrhosis, and schistosomal periportal fibrosis, both of which are associated with significant morbidity and mortality. However, other causes of ascites are also prevalent in Africa. Tuberculosis account for HIV% of all patients with ascites, but contributes up to 30% among those with HIV. Heart failure is also a significant morbidity and mortality, and has been reported in up to 20% of ascites in Africa. Renal causes of ascites are also significant. However, much is not known about prevalence of ascites in jinja Hospital, and the clinical, socio-demographic characteristics of these patients in out settings. Purpose: To determine the prevalence of ascites of patients with ascites admitted in medical wards at Jinja regional referral hospital. Methodology: Hospital Based Descriptive Cross-Sectional Study. Results: A total of 20 participants, mean age 40.9±1.51 years were included in this study, with equal sexual distribution. The mean duration of symptoms was 3 months, and majority of the participants reported history of abdominal distension, generalized body malaise, lower limb swelling, loss of appetite, and difficulty in breathing. Only a few patients had history of fever (34%), or weight loss (38%). Common causes of ascites were liver cirrhosis 35%, HIV 30%, heart failure 20%, chronic kidney disease 5%, and TB Peritonitis 5%. Less common causes were nephrotic syndrome 5%. Conclusions: Ascites commonly affect female with age group of mean age 41 years. And the common causes of ascites were liver cirrhosis, malignant ascites, heart failure, chronic kidney disease, and tuberculosis peritonitis. Recommendations: Another study should be done to further describe patients with malignant ascites in our settings. Another study is also needed to determine the grading of ascites in our settings
A research report submitted to the Faculty of Clinical Medicine and Dentistry in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery of Kampala International University
Prevalence of ascitis, Patients, Jinja Regional Referral Hospital