Drug Abuse in Public Primary Schools in Kenya: A Case of Central Division in Kitui District, Eastern Province Kenya

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree in early childhood and primary education
The study sought to investigate Cause of drug abuse in public primary schools in Kenya. A case study of Central Division in Kutui District Eastern province Kenya with specific objectives which include; to evaluate the effect of Academic stress on drug abuse, to assess the effect of peer pressure on drug abuse, to examine the effect of peer group altitude or drug abuse. The study developed a correctional design employing descriptive summary methods in the collection of data and its analysis. The study included 92 respondents. From the study, it was found out that drug abuse affect many pupil initiated in drug abuse during their primary school life (14-18). Drug abuse are available in Kenya primary schools are supplied by both pupil and community surrounding the school, Alcohol is the most abused drug among primary school going pupils in the central division of Kitui district, Curiosity is the prime factor that has compelled most of pupils to start taking drugs of abuse in central division, Children whose parents take drugs of abuse are likely also to take drugs, Home background has an influence on drug abuse, Last but not least, we conclude that the most socio - economic of families where pupils comes from most affluent (high S.E.S) leading. It was concluded that drug abuse problems affect adolescent pupils their schools. It is therefore recommended that schools provide to pupils that is; Adequate information on drugs and drug abuse should be availed to pupils before joining primary schools, Parents should be good role models to avoid taking drugs in presence of their children, More research should be done on issue of supply of drugs in schools.
A Research Report Submitted To The College Of Open Education And Distance Learning In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of Bachelor Of Education In Early Childhood And Primary Of Kampala International University
Drug Abuse, Eastern Province Kenya