Design and implementation of three phase PWM inverter

This paper presents an advanced three phase inverter topology the Z-Source Inverter and its control using microcontroller Atmega 328P. Z-Source Inverter employs second order filter network at front end which provides unique buckboost feature for inverter. Z-Source inverter can be controlled by any traditional PWM method. Here the modified maximum constant boost PWM method is utilized for Z-Source inverter control. The microcontroller Atmega 328P is used to generate PWM pulses and to control operation of Z-Source inverter. The complete hardware is designed to drive the three phase induction motor. The hardware design involves the design of control circuit, driver circuit, Z-Source network, main inverter bridge, power supply etc. The Z-Source inverter is implemented and tested to verify the Z-Source inverter concept. The desired three phase PWM signals are generated by using control circuit and detailed hardware results are presented.
Department of Electrical, Telecommunication and Computer Engineering, Kampala International University, Uganda
Driver, Maximum constant boost, Microcontroller, PWM, Voltage boost, Z-Source Inverter