Teachers Attitude towards Learners with Learning Difficulties

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open & Distance Learning
The study aimed at understanding teacher’s attitudes towards learners’ with specific learning difficulties in Siakago zone of Mbeere District. The specific objectives were to identify causes of special learning difficulties in Siakago zone, Mbere District, to assess the attitude of teachers towards learners with specific learning difficulties in Siakago zone Mbere District and to discuss the intervention strategies towards learners with specific learning difficulties in Siakago zone, Mbere District. The population surveyed was heterogeneous. It consisted of teachers, Children and parent/ guardians. The choice of the teachers depended. On the fact that they are the ones directly involved in teaching the children. Their attitudes and perception towards children with learning difficulties would easily be established. And children were selected as special interest group. The researcher used the quantitative approach which involved Collecting of data using specially prepared questionnaires which was directed to the target group. The data was then presented using tabulation, to arrive at valid and sound information. It was concluded that the teacher from Siakago Zone still have some negative aspects towards the learners with specific leaning difficulties. Some of them were actually trained in special needs education but they were not practicing what they leant either in applying themselves or by through sensitizing others teacher or issues related to learners with special needs and more especially those with SLDs. A good number of teachers were not trained in this area and therefore lacked the knowledge and tactics to assist learners with specific leaning difficulties. It was therefore recommended among others that Teachers should use appropriate teaching approaches, to these learners with special difficulties.
Research Report Submitted In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For the Award of the Degree of Bachelor of Education in Early Child Hood and Primary Education International University
Teachers Attitude, Learners, Learning Difficulties, Siakago Zone, Mbeere District, Kenya