Knowledge attitude and practice towards mental illness among community members in Kaziranfumbi Subcounty Hoima District

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Kampala International University,College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Mental illness is common today affecting 25% of people at some time during their lives and accounting for 14% of global burden disease. However, the mentally ill people continue to suffer harassment, stigma, and discrimination. Therefore it is from this back ground that the researcher wished to assess knowledge, attitude and practices of mental illness among community members of Kiziranfumbi Sub County, Hoima District. Tile study was descriptive and cross-sectional in nature and employed both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection. Data was collected by using self administered questionnaire with open and closed ended questions. The sample size of 100 respondents was used in this study. The study attracted both female and males than males. Most of the respondents had low knowledge on the meaning of mental illness that is 76(76%), there was also poor knowledge on treatment of mental illncss78 (78%), and there was good knowledge on causes of mental illness. There was negative attitude towards the mentally ill and most practices such as taking mentally ill to traditional healers, discrimination 75 %( 75%). Mental illness remains a problem among the community members in Kiziranfunbi Sub county Hoima district. Therefore it is from this background that I urge the leaders of kiziranfumbi sub county and Hoima district at large to work hand in hand with the government to put in place innervations like sensitizing the public, train and recruit more health workers to provide information and help the community acquire adequate knowledge, positive attitude and good practices so as to close the gap present about mental illness.
A research report submitted to Kampala International University in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of a Diploma in Guidance and Counseling
Knowledge attitude, mental illness, Kaziranfumbi Subcounty, Hoima District