Customer satisfaction and competitive advantage in flamingo tiles Kenya

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Kampala International University.College of Economics and Management
The study was carried to investigate the effects of customer satisfaction on achieving a competitive advantage in Flamingo Tiles Kenya . it was guided by a number of objectives, that is to examine the Flamingo Tiles Kenya effects of repeat buying by customers on creating competitive advantage by , To establish the roles of word-ofmouth advertising by customers on achieving competitive advantage by , to evalua Flamingo Tiles Kenya the significance of one-stop shopping area in helping to achieve competitive advantage by Flamingo Tiles Kenya The study mainly concentrated on users. Flamingo Tiles Kenya The study focused on Flamingo Tiles Kenya limited to determine effect of customer satisfaction on achieving a competitive advantage since the company was faced with stiff competition and rivalry from other companies questionnaires were issued out and random interviews was also carried out on the target population of 50 respondents The research findings examined that there are a numbers of features that were needed by different category of respondents due to personal reasons such as cheap price of product. The findings of the study shows that, there are a number of of customer satisfaction on achieving a competitive advantage of the company, the findings revealed factors which affect consumers satisfaction such as price, quality, packaging, colour and economic situation. The research concluded that in order to improve customer satisfaction the general corporate performance of the organization can be achieved when its customers are ready to stand by it in all circumstances but mostly when it's in crisis and they feel satisfied to the extent that they can refer others or recommend them to do business with that particular organization, It's expected as well that satisfied customers will make that pm1icular organization a one-stop shopping which ultimately leads to the growth of organizations. From the research findings the following recommendations can be emphasized that for high customer satisfaction scores the company should ensure it performs very highly on all possible variables and soft issues of staff courtesy and ease of company contact, the company should improve on customer care, improving quality of the product, more staff and training and relationship building which will increase the customer satisfaction.
Research project submitted to the School of Business and Management in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of bachelor of Marketing Management of Kampala International University
Customer, Satisfaction, Competitive, Advantage