A Study of the Contribution of Uganda Joint Christian Council towards Peace Building in Uganda

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Kampala International University, Master degree Of Education In Religious Studies
This research set out to investigate the contribution of Uganda Joint Christian Council towards Peace building in Uganda. The study had a number of objectives; to assess the contribution of Uganda Joint Christian Churches towards Peace building in Uganda, to enhance Peace and consensus building, to find out long lasting solutions to conflict management ad peace building, to promote peace, justice, reconciliation and co-existence. The research was carried out due to the continued presence of wars, conflicts among the Ugandan populace. The research was organized into six chapters, chapter one Introduction, Chapter two; Literature review; Chapter three Methodology; Chapter four: Presentation of the research findings. Chapter five: Analysis of research findings; Chapter six, Recommendations, Conclusions. The researcher used the research questions so as to find out the role of UJCC in peace building in Uganda. The findings of the study revealed that; peace work is negatively affected by lack of a clearly articulated policy and resolve on peace and reconciliation. This study has investigated the role of the Christian Church in resolving conflicts in Uganda. It has clearly demonstrated that the major cause of the conflict is non other than greed that motivates the unfair power sharing between the ruling party and the opposition, various ethnicity and tribes generally in Uganda. The study has therefore, recommended that fair power sharing is the solution to divide in the sections in Uganda. It also suggests that, the Christian church that has failed to help prevent or stop the current conflicts particularly case in point is the Lord Resistance Army of Joseph Koney. It also needs to foster a spirit of confession and reconciliation within her congregations, so as, to have a community o repentance, forgiveness, prayer and reconciliation. The study suggested that further studies should be conducted on the following areas: The role of Islam in peace building in the Uganda.
A Thesis Submitted To The School Of Post Graduate Studies Kampala International University In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirement For The Award Of Master Of Education In Religious Studies Of Kampala International University
Uganda Joint Christian Council, Peace Building in Uganda