Recruitment policy and institutional performance a case study of Rukungiri District Local Government

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Kampala International University, school of Economics and Management
Recruitment is a great challenge to the organizations because .of its impact on performance. The study is set out to examine the recruitment policy and institutional performance a case study of Rukungiri District Local Government. The study was prompted by findings from performance appraisal reports of staff and complains about low productivity/ performance of Rukungiri District Local Government stalE the researcher 80 respondents which included Rukungiri district staff. Methods such as direct interviews from sampled staff, questionnaires from selected staff books and journals on human resource management as well as internet literature were used. The Researcher was guided by the following questions. What is the relationship between recruitment policy and institutional performance? What are the constraints to recruitment policy and how best can they be overcome? What are the methods used by Rukungiri district local government to recruit its staff? Findings of the study were that there was glaring shortfalls performance in Rukungiri District Local Government due poor staffing practices. Poor human resource planning and poor recruitment methods. The researcher recommended that staffing be marched with the local government’s needs. handbrakes to forestall constraints of recruitment be provided, and methods of recruitment that are used in Rukungiri be improved .
A thesis submitted in fulfillment of the requirement for award of Master of Arts in human resource management (MAHRM) of Kampala International University
Recruitment policy, Institutional performance