Records management and organizational efficiency in Uganda: A case of Uganda Christian University-Mukono

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College of Economics and Management
The study is about Records Management and Organizational Efficiency. Uganda Christian Uganda Mukono was used as a case study. The research problem was that various aspects of records management in public and private institutions highlighted that there was lack of an efficient and reliable information management system to keep all stakeholders informed, inadequate trained personnel, to handle data collection, poor data processes and retention schedules, inadequate space, unclear chain of command, etc. The researcher's purpose of the study was to explore the effect of records management on organizational efficiency. The researcher used the following objectives to help in the investigations about the problem stated: • To examine the influence of Records Management on efficiency at the University. • To explore and make a critique of methods used by the University to manage records. • To examine the effectiveness of Information Communication Technology in managing records. • To establish the challenges faced by the University in modernizing the records management system. Data was collected using both primary and secondary sources. Primary sources involved the researcher's findings from the case study using questionnaires while Secondary sources involved existing literature published in textbooks and periodicals by different authors. After a careful analysis of the collected data, a conclusion in Chapter Five was made that records management significantly contributions to efficiency of any organization. Records are needed for planning purposes, for reference in future, and very many things as identified in this report
A research report submitted the College of Economics and Management in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the ward of a Bachelor of Supplies and Procurement Management of Kampala International University
Records management, Organizational efficiency, Uganda Christian University-Mukono, Uganda