Students' indiscipline in selected secondary schools in Rujumbura county, Rukungiri district

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Kampala international international: College of Education, open and distance learning
The research set out to investigate the causes of indiscipline in secondary schools in Rujumbura County. The study in particular looked into the roles played by School administrators, teachers, parents and students in managing discipline. The study used a descriptive design with both quantitative and qualitative approaches. The respondents included 300 students, I 00 teachers, I 0 head teachers I 0 deputy head teachers, I 0 chairperson disciplinary committee and I 00 parents.. Self- administered Questionnaire for students, teachers and an interview guide for parents and head teachers were used to collect data. The research findings concluded that administrators, teachers and students employ both corrective and preventive measures to promote students' discipline. Also the administrators, teachers and students especially student leaders were found to be playing a significant role in as far as managing of students discipline in secondary schools is concerned. They should be involved in managing discipline, guidance and counselling be strengthened as a measure to contain discipline in secondary schools. From the findings, it was concluded that forms of indiscipline are still rampant in secondary schools and that collective and preventive measures are not combined in managing discipline. Some parents are committed to promote discipline among their children. The prefects are also doing a good job by keeping watch at all forms of indiscipline cases and taking appropriate measures within their means. It was further established that indiscipline of students affects academic performance of students in secondary schools. It was thus recommended that sensitization about the value of discipline be emphasized right from homes, communities, primary education through secondary education; more emphasis be put on guidance and counseling of students including hiring the service of professional counselors.
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of master of educational management and administration of Kampala international university
Education, Students' indiscipline, Selected secondary schools, Rujumbura county