The role and constraints of Head Teachers in guidance and counseling of students in Eldoret East District (Kenya)

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Kampala International University, College of Education,Open and Distance Learning
The education system in Kenya has undergone various major curriculum changes since independence but seemingly it has not solved students’ problems in academic, career choices/vocational training and social issues. From literature review done in Eldoret East District (Kenya) guidance and counseling in secondary schools have not been over emphasized although it is the best method recommended for discipline enhancement by Ministry of Education. However, the outcome of this study will try to find out the importance of guidance and counseling. The researcher will undertake to study if the head teachers ensured that their roles in guidance and counseling of students are fully discharged, establish constraints if any, encountered by head teachers in discharging their roles and make recommendations as pertains the role of head teachers in guidance and counseling of students. The Ministry of Education (1975) designates the role of head teachers as involving having a strong interest in the welfare of the students, being familiar with all school activities and facilitating any problem solving process which guidance and counseling is part and parcel of it. The study will therefore contribute, to the success of any school’s guidance and counseling programme. This could include provision of resources, ensuring students awareness of assistance of guidance and counseling programmes. In the school, involving the parents and the entire teaching staff in guidance and counseling. The study will be confined to Eldoret East District in Rift Valley provinces. The population sample will be 15 secondary schools out of the over 86 stratified sampling will be applied; since it is important that the selected is not homogeneous in a heterogeneous population, mixed boys’ and girls’ schools will be selected from the existing schools. Three types of closed ended questionnaires will be used to elicit precise and within frame of reference answers. This will be to the head teachers, teacher counselors and students. I 3 head teachers, 13 teacher counselors’ ten students five from each form two and three will be sampled from selected school. Findings will be analyzed and presented through descriptive statistics by use of frequency and percentages.
A research report submitted to Institute of Open and Distance Learning of Kampala International University in partial fulfillment for the award of Degree of Bachelor of Education.
Guidance and Counselling, Head teachers, Kenya