The abuse of photojournalism in the media: case study women

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Kampala International University.College Of Humanities and social science
The purpose of this study was to investigate the causes of abuse of photojournalism in the media. The specific objectives of the stud_y \Vere to show how photojournalism ethics should be applied when covering women's photography, highlight the facts that some of the portraits of women can conflict peoples morals in society and therefore suggest how to minimize this conflict and to explain how responsible journalism can be exercised so as to eliminate this problem. The methods used for data collection was questionnaires to the staff members of media centers covered. In chapter four, the findings were presented and interpreted in relation to the study objectives and research questions. While linking to the existing literature, results pictures showing the portrayals of women. Based on the findings it was clearly seen that both new vision and the daily monitor portray v.·omen in their photography as sex objects. The findings suggested recommendations that Women photography and photography in the print media in general should be practiced by photojournalists with at least a degree or diploma, so as to perpetuate irresponsible reporting; The print media both new vision and the daily monitor should reconsider public interests other than market or increased sales for their papers so that they are not tempted to publish controversial pictures about women without considering their ethical implications among other recommendations.
Research report submitted to the Faculty of Social Sciences in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of a bachelors degree in Mass Communication of Kampala International University
Abuse, Photojournalism, Media, women