Online clinical feedback system for tracking customer care issue: a case study of Kampala International University Clinic

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Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology
This project was all about providing feedback. It established secure and better methods for students of Kampala international university to make consultation online on health issues even if they couldn’t go physically to the university clinic. This project was carried to benefit the students of Kampala International University. This study addressed fact that students who were delayed while making queues at the university clinic were able to make online consultation with no costs. The tools used for collecting data in this study was through the interviews, observations made and review of the existing documents. The study introduced the various hardware and software resources to be used for designing a feedback system for Kampala international university clinic to track customer care issues.
A report submitted to College of Applied Sciences and Technology in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Bachelors’ of Information Technology and Bachelors’ of Computer Science of Kampala International University
Online clinical feedback system, Tracking customer care issue, Kampala International University Clinic