Factors that lead to girl students' levels of performance in secondary schools science:

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
This study is set out to asses the image, attitudes, and behavior on parents, teachers, and students on the studying science and mathematics and its performance to girl students. A case ofMoshi Municipality. It is the case whereby representatives of three groups that is teachers, parents and students with different age urge. However, the majority of respondents in the study claimed that, despite the efforts which government has been put to improve girl students from poor performing in SMT, still its implementation are constraints their role to achieve their Ends. Moreover, this is reflected by 83% of respondents who claimed and agitated that, the initiative of the MMES towards better performance and to have positive impact on, in particular girl students that have been register moderate. Further, the findings are presented by using tables, graphs, and pictures and by analyzing qualitative and quantitative data. This research paper is divided into five chapters whereby, chapter one consists of background information ,statement of the study, objective of the study ,that is general and specific objectives hypothesis ,scope and purpose of the study ,significance of the study and definitions of the key terms. Chapter two consists of, literature review, introduction, theoretical literature review, socio-economic factors infrastructural factors, images and attitudes factors, extra curricular factors and conceptual frame work. Chapter three consists of, study area and research methodology ,which is divided into five sections that is geographical location of the study , soils climate and XIII vegetation, relief's ,rainfall ,population and socio-economic activities, research design ,sample and sampling, data analysis, anticipated problems to the study ,that is poor response from respondents, financial constraints etc. Chapter four consists of ,data presentation ,analysis ,and interpretation that is from major fmdings ,respondents profile .This was basically designed to present what the researcher gathered during field work. This information however, was presented in such a way that, it would be easy for the reader of this work to grasp the intended meaning on the role played by government in improving girl students' performance in mathematics, science and technology. Chapter five consists of, Summary, conclusion and recommendations.
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of Bachelor of Arts in Public administration of Kampala International University.
Girl students', Levels of performance, Secondary schools science, Tanzania.