Design and development of a data ware-house for school information system case study of heritage international school

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Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology
Data warehousing and business intelligence are key enablers in the drive to harness management informatitin and improve decision-making. They underpin the recent wave of interest in data mining and customer relationship management, and create opportunities for performance improvements based on quantitative analysis at every level in an organization. Data warehousing is a relatively new field in information technology, and current research centers primarily on data warehousing in business environments. As new as the field is in these environments, only recently have educational institutions imgun to embark on data warehousing projects, and little research has been done regarding the special considerations and characteristics of School Information System and the complexity of analyzing such data. Educational institutions measure success very differently from business-oriented organi7ations and the analyses that are meaningful in such environments pose unique and intricate problems in data warehousing. Heritage International School maintains database comprising of a number of files of school data. This is international school that has. links to other international schools in the same category. There is need to design and develop school database that should accommodate past data as well as capture present data in order to build data warehouse. According to the school administrator, the present school Data Warehouse is not sufficient , well structured to handle data, it gives poor quality information, lacks consistency, and above all it is not easy to access. This research describes the process of developing a data warehouse for Heritage International School, focusing on issues specific to School Information system and the general objective of this study is to examine the factors in the development and design of a Data Warehouse for a school Information System. Interviews, questionnaires and observations will be used to collect the required information for the Data Warehouse.
A graduation project presented to the School of Post Graduate Studies Kampala International University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Degree Master of Science in Software Systems Engineering
Design and development, Data ware-house, System, International school