World vision programme and community development in west Budama, Uganda.

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
This study set out to investigate on World Vision Uganda Programme and community development of West Budama county, Tororo District Uganda. It was based on three research objectives as follows: (I) to identify the demographic profiles of 531 respondents. (II) to examine the extent to which WV programme has been implemented. (III) to determine the level of beneficiaries' satisfaction as a result of WV's programme implementation in the areas of study. Research methodology. Quantitative research design was used characterized by quantitative measurements and statistical analysis. Descriptive survey and correlation research as types of quantitative design were vital in the study as far as presentation of the findings were concerned. findings: These revealed that the majority of the respondents were males, married, and 41 years above. Certificate holders were the majority in the study. It was also found out that most of the people in the research area were involved in subsistence farming for survival. The extent to which WV has implemented projects was found to be high as shown by overall average mean 3.13. This confirmed that the level of implementation was moderate. About the level of satisfaction by the beneficiaries, the average mean was 2.8 interpreted as high, equivalent to agree. This finding confirmed that the level of satisfaction was moderate. Conclusion: In regards to the respondents' involvement in the study, WV has had the right grouping since they are married and responsible in their families. The findings from objective (II) and (III) indicated moderate out come as result of over all average rating per table, interpretation being high equivalent to agree. This means that despite of some doubt, WV has had fairly good work done in the research area. Recommendations: There is need for World Vision to net work with Education ministry in order to improve the performance at the end of the year. More sources of water need to be improved in order for beneficiaries to avoid the water borne diseases. Microfinance was in place but as if it stopped after sometime. Due to its merit at the HH, WV should reconsider starting it. WV should work with the district authority in order to have the Health situation improved. There is need to have joint planning between WV and other stakeholders in the 3 sub counties of research. This will avoid inconveniences.
Thesis Presented to the School of Post Graduate Studies, and Research, Kampala International University, Kampala, Uganda in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of Masters Degree, in Business Administration.
World vision, Programme, Community, Development