Assessment of factors contributing to high prevalence of HIV/AIDS amongst people of reproductive age in Kamukuzi Sub County, Mbarara District

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Kampala International University,Faculty of Clinical Medicine and Dentistry
The study was aimed at establishing the factors that contribute to high prevalence of HIV/AIDS among the youth in Mbarara district. Across sectional study was used to establish the above factor using questionnaires, observation, personal interviews, and documentations. During the study, the findings were; most of the individuals 28 (50%) interviewed suggested that they would not die alone while students preferred joining NGO’s if tested positive. 28 (50%) of the individuals were in small scale businesses showing that they are of low economic status, and it is noted that cultural practices are more in people of low economic status. Many youth are involved in prostitution due to lack of jobs, sexual pleasure and lack of parental guidance, Moral decadence amongst the youth is rated at 95% due to prostitution, pornographic materials, abortions and poor dressing, many youths take alcohols and other toxicants due to presence of many bars and pubs lack of strict laws and peer influence and Poverty was found to be a setback of many government and individual programs’, yet poverty and AIDS exhibit a reciprocal relationship. Conclusions included, failure of interventions to effectively cause behavior change and halt the spread of HIV is in the fact that most of them emphasize looking at risky behavior and risky categories instead of paying attention to people’s sexual behaviors in relation to the socio-economic status, Poverty and corruption have institutionalized almost all human spheres, but as long as this vice persists, illiteracy and socially sanctioned violence will also blossom leading to loss of social cohesion, It is the individual’s responsibility to protect oneself from HIV infection despite the prevailing economic situation: poverty should not be taken as an excuse for contracting HIV infection and Individuals must seriously endeavor to fight poverty and HIV infection simultaneously for their own survival. The major recommendation included; the District Health Team (DHT) should intensify health education through information education and communication, Government should put strict laws on sale of alcohols and should encourage schools to teach sex education as well counseling service provided in schools, Conduct refresher training for HIV counselors with consistent support from government and that community leaders should develop a programme of sensitizing communities to reduce stigmatization.
A research dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Clinical Medicine and Dentistry in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of a Degree of Bachelor of Medicine and surgery (MBCHB) of Kampala International University
HIV/AIDS prevalence, Reproductive age individuals, Mbarara District