Supplier appraisal on organization performance: A case study of Nkumba University-Nkumba Campus

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College of Economics and Management
This study was based on Supplier Appraisal on Organization Performance: A Case Study of Nkumba University- Nkumba Campus. It focused on critically to assess the relationship between supplier appraisal and performance of Nkumba University, with the following specific objectives. (i) To establish the methods of supplier appraisal used at Nkumba University. (ii) To examine the relevancy of supplier appraisal on performance of Nkumba University. (iii) To assess the challenges in conducting supplier appraisal at Nkurnba University and possible remedies. (iv) To examine the relationship between supplier appraisal and performance of Nkurnba University. The researcher used both a descriptive cross sectional survey design which included both qualitative and quantitative method of data collection, the quantitative method was used to collect numerical data in form of numbers representing particular facts or measurements which helped the researcher to obtain information from respondents in depth. The Findings sought to identify the role of supplier appraisal on performance of an organization. From the findings, it was found that supplier appraisal contributes a great role towards the performance of an organization. Largely, supplier appraisal should be conducted before and after a contract is awarded or an order is placed to the provider. However, from the research findings, there is a need to improve on supplier appraisal to ensure effective supplier performance and performance of an organization. And from the findings of the study and conclusions drawn, The results in this research study showed a positive relationship towards supplier appraisal and performance of an organization from respondents. Majority of respondents showed that they conduct supplier appraisal to assess the performance of suppliers of goods and services to ensure effective performance of the organization. They indicated that, supplier appraisal has contributed much on performance of Nkumba University in terms of quality and delivery. And the recommendations revealed that on the findings, Nkumba University should strengthen the procurement department by increasing on number of personnel in procurement department to ensure effective supplier appraisal and procurement activities. The organization needs to focus on creating long-term relationship with suppliers mainly those of core items such as stationary and technical supplies for example computer services. There is also a need to improve on communication system to facilitate information flow and reduce on costs of communication. This may be through adopting electronic means such as e-procurement to facilitate procurement transactions.
A research report submitted to the College of Economics and Management in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a Bachelor’s degree in Supplies and Procurement of Kampala International University
Supplier Appraisal, Organization Performance, Nkumba University