Female genital mutilation and girls participation in primary and secondary schools in Isinya District of Kajiado county, Kenya

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Kampala international University college of Education open and distance learning
This study focused on female genital mutilation, and its influence to girl’s participation in activities in schools at both primary and secondary school levels in Isinya district of kajiado county Kenya. The study was guided by four objectives; establishing the profile of the respondent with respect to age and class, establishing the extent of the effects of Female Genital Mutilation, establishing the level of girls’ participation in school activities, and establishing the relationship between Effects of FGM and girls’ participation in school activities.The investigation was been necessitated by the continuous low participation of girls inthe school activities in the district. Using descriptive survey research design and a population of 300 primary and secondary female students from 10 schools in the district. The researcher used the following research tools The research tools that were utilized in this study include the following, Questionnaire, Observation checklist the reasercher also used the statistical package for social science (SPSS). Where data was coded before being analyzed. Frequencies and percentage distribution were used to analyze data on profile characteristics of respondents. The study found out that there is high level of effect of Female Genital Mutilation, and that there is low level of participation of girls in schools. The study further found that there is a negative significant relationship between girls’ participation in school activities and the level of effects of FGM. The study concluded that, The age factor versus class level is well spread in Isinya District such that most students are in the right class at the right age. The level of effect of FGM in Isinya district is high.The level of girls participation in Isinya district schools is low, There is a strong negative relationship between girls’ participation in school activities and the effect of FGM.Basing on the findings of the first objective /hypothesis, the researcher recommends that if girls’ participation is to be improved in Isinya District, then school management and the government should focus more on improving and increasing awareness against FGM practices throughout the country but particularly in Isinya District.
A thesis presented to college of higher degrees and research Kampala International & university Kampala Uganda in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of master of educational management and administration
Female genital mutilation, Schools, Isinya District, Kenya.